How to get there?


Since the N-330 between Madrid and Alicante find the detour Agost and takes us through the CV-820 local road that leads directly to Agost.

Since the A-36 that unites Alcoy and Alicante, we can go into the first turn indicating Agost and from there connect with the CV-827 local road that leads directly to our population. Or we can continue until you reach the roundabout indicating Agost / San Vicente del Raspeig, since we can go to the county Agost CV-820.

We can also be reached from the Mediterranean motorway A-7, joining the A-36 and from there we came to the district CV-820 that directs us to Agost.

As interesting facts are that separate us only 18 km from Alicante, the capital of the province. There are also few miles that distance us from the Alicante International Airport: 29 Km

Unfortunately, to date, no public transport service to facilitate the arrival of our population, so that the means used are private cars.

The coordinates (GPS) is 38 º 26'30'' N - 0 ° 36'26'' W




Our town has about 5000 inhabitants (INE 2010), and is located in the region of Alacantí, a middle ground of the towns of Elche and Alicante.

It has an area of ??67 km2 and is located on the edge of the coastal plain surrounding the city of Alicante, where the land rises (sierra Ventós, Maigmó). Its boundaries are: north, Castalla; east, Tibi and Alicante, on the west, Petrel and Monforte del Cid, and south, Alicante.

It is a quiet village of low houses, which still greets people on the street to cross, although not known.

His last potter impregnates her soft red landscape, aided by the strong Mediterranean light softness, help create a special magic that invites you to stroll through the streets, slowly.

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What to see?


The Agost Pottery Museum was founded in 1981 and is located in an old pottery. Currently the building is under renovation, so we moved to a temporary location where we offer: guided visits to a pottery of early s. XX and the permanent exhibition, around and ceramics classes, specialized library, shop, information and advice on the pottery and ceramics Agost.

You can learn more on their website:

Agost offers two interesting routes for those who want to delve into the idiosyncrasies of our population:

- Route of the old center: Starts at the Plaza of Spain and ends in the City Park The Rugló, through the laundry, the Cantererías Street, the Castle and the Hermitage of San Pedro, Plaza of the Constitution, the parish church St. Peter the Apostle, Columbus Street and Avenida Doctor Fleming.

- Route of pottery: overlaps the route of the old center, but in this case the object is to visit the landmarks that relate canterera activity. The entire route is signposted with information boards describing each of the points of interest. It begins in the Plaza of Spain and ends in the mines of the lands of the poor, passing, as one would expect, the Pottery Museum.

On the other hand, in terms of church buildings, we have the Church of St. Peter the Apostle (s dating from XVII) and the Chapel of Santa Justa and Rufina.

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Agost is a festive town as you can see with the proposals that we make below and you're all invited.

The festivities are from San Pedro (June 29), week of celebrating the Moors and Christians, and that of the Blessed Virgin of Peace (January 24), which included the serenade and tabalet charamita that is made to the Virgin.

Also celebrated the festival of San Roque neighborhood (August 16), San Ramon (August 31) that have dances, costumes, orchestra, etc..

Another traditional festival is the Old Day is celebrated with the realization of the "old" they are some dolls that simulate grandparents exercising various daily activities. The "old" are placed on the doors of the houses, accompanied by a poster that contains text with social criticism with humor. The day celebrates a competition for the best "Old" and better "Cartel", thus encouraging participation. This marks the fourth Wednesday of Lent.

The July 19 festivities are held in honor of the patron of potters, Santa Justa and Rufina, which are carried out in the C / Pottery, where the chapel dedicated to these holy. In addition to the Mass and the procession, other activities like cucañas, giants and big heads, chocolate and dancing.

And to end this quick overview agostense festive, we have left the Moorish King Dances, which are the most important in this county. The festival is organized by the "Danseros" (young people who turn 18) that every afternoon dressed in a suit and hat, and accompanied by the "dolçaina" and "tabalet" collected at each of the dancers to dance in the square Hall. This dance is performed every day (except Dec. 31) from 26 December to 1 January, around 17:30 h.
The most important events are the Reina Mora Serenade and the Night of the Rockets (evening of December 27), the Moorish King Day (December 28) and the entry of the "orange trees" which are youth 17 who will "danseros" next year (January 1).

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The Craft Fair and gastronomic Agost performed coinciding with the bridge on October 9. This annual event is an example of the Arts & Culture of Agost. Besides the exhibition and sale of handicrafts and gastronomy, there are numerous manifestations of culture and traditions, among which we highlight the lathe workshops and modeling clay, folk dances, route of pottery, music "dolçaina" and "tabalet", etc.

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Cultural Julius consists of various cultural events (music, theater, ballet, etc..) Done all weekends of July in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento de Agost.

Encuentado Park performed on the occasion of the celebration of World Book Day, taking the weekend closest to April 24 of each year. Rugló The park becomes a tale landscape that contains elements of a particular theme (adventure tales, fables, fantasy, etc.) And fairy tale characters who encourage us with their proposals for workshops and activities.



Agost we highlight its outstanding natural beauty the north-east, where they emphasize Carrascar area and the Sierra del Pinar Ventós and southern Sierra Maigmó. This hillside Maigmó has been declared by the European Union as a Site of Community called "Maigmó and Serres of Foia of Castalla". These mountain ranges are its botanical richness which is characterized by its adaptability to different environments of the municipality.

Your visit can be made through their short tour routes are marked and approved by the Valencian Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing. Distinguish the path of "The ravine Berlandí-La Murta" path "The Ventós" and the path of "The Creueta dels Castellans". They are also "Cultural Route of the Water", the "Greenway" and "Geological Route".

Importantly also Maigmó Greenway that starts at the train station and walking Agost the stretch that leads to the mountain pass of Maigmó through the old railway line that connected with Alcoi Agost. Account among other elements with six tunnels, two viaducts, two bridges, rest areas and viewpoints.

Finally we can name Rugló Park, park adjoining the core population that has paelleros Agost and recreation area.

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Where to eat

In Agost can eat well at a reasonable price. If you dare to sit at a table in any of the many catering establishments we have in our population, will find that we are not talking for talking. Furthermore, we are convinced that eventually returning and recommending.

Agost recently formed Association of Bars and Restaurants (ABRA), on whose website you can find more information on what their partners provide:




Where to sleep

Next door to the temporary seat of Agost Pottery Museum, in this rural accommodation, as they say on their website: "If one day you leave the house and you want to relax, walk, walk a old railway cycle or play with clay this is your place. Houses of the nineteenth century potters be inhabited again, but this time with the comforts of XXI century ".

Pottery courses conducted periodically.


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