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"(...) we offer: guided visits to a pottery of early s. XX and the permanent exhibition, around and ceramics classes, specialized library, shop, information and advice on pottery and ceramics Agost."



Monday to Friday from 10 to 14 h. Holidays closed.

Care groups, library service and store.


Pottery Museum of Agost.

Tel. 965 691 199

C/ Teuleria 11 03698 AGOST ( Alicante, España )


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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/apromuseudagost





The Agost Pottery Museum was founded in 1981 and is located in an old pottery. Currently the building is under renovation, so we moved to a temporary location where we offer: guided visits to a pottery of early s. XX and the permanent exhibition, around and ceramics classes, specialized library, shop, information and advice on pottery and ceramics Agost.


Permanent exhibition:

The permanent exhibition is located in a former factory kiln pottery of the early twentieth century. During the visit, the workshop covers the pond where mud is prepared, accompanied at all times by a guide. The parts and tools presented are organized by type, deepening its use in everyday life of traditional society. The visit is completed with the screening of footage on the making of pottery in Agost currently.

Temporary exhibitions:

Currently, with the means of the provisional headquarters, we conducted an annual temporary exhibit.

Examples: Introducing the part of the year with the pieces that the students of the School of Art and Design in Alicante based on this.

We also offer exhibitions for other institutions: The decoration on pottery Agost, came the portrait ... Agost the potteries, Pitchers Valencia, ceramics Pertot arreu, Imatges d'un poble.


Guided tours

Tour of the facilities of a factory early s. XX. Sample traditional pottery Agost and projection adapted to the age of students.

Duration: 45 min approx.
Price: 1.20 € / person
Number of children s: min 10

Workshop mud handling

Working with different types of clay, learning techniques (ball, plate, churro, etc) for the production of parts. We recommend that students bring boxes to take their parts.

Duration: 90 min approx.
Price: 3.60 € / person
Number of children s: min 10

Cooking Parts

To complete the workshop activity is offered to cook the pieces made by students in a single oven. This will see the transformation of the material and understand the complexity of the process of making pottery.

Number of children s: Max. 50, Low 10.
Price: 3 € / person

Pottery Road

Guided tour of the Pottery Road, which runs through the most emblematic places related to this occupation. The deep roots of pottery in the village has left traces in shaping irreplaceable streets and other heritage of Agost.

The route includes a visit to the Museum of Pottery.

Number of people: Min 10.
Price: 5 € / person

Birthday Celebration

(Special weekend or special schedule)

Tour of the facilities of a factory early s. XX. Sample traditional pottery Agost and explanatory projection process.

Workshop mud handling, where playing different types of pasta apenden basic modeling techniques.

Duration: 3 hours
Number of children s: Max. 20 min, 8.
Price: 10 € / person


We complete our offer educational and cultural work with the demonstration of a potter. Both on the tour, and in the workshop, we adapt to the interests of the group, so for example:

In the area of ​​Plastic: Modeling with clay is a very didactic, so the theme of ceramics is offered as an educational method applicable to different disciplines. By acting in aspects of stimulation through the ceramic.

In the area of ​​History: All socioeconomic and cultural changes in a society are manifested in their pottery. The study of pottery Agost provides an example of living and working in a pre-industrial society.

For group visits must book in advance. If you want to influence a specific topic should be prepared by the Museum and teachers. We provide educational materials to prepare the visit of schools and colleges.


Piecesof the year:

ThePotteriesMuseumd'Agost,beganin 2000a collection oftraditionalpotteryAgost.These are modelsof high quality,made ​​ofwhite claywith salt,turnedby hand andcookedin the ovenMoorish.Annuallypresent arepresentative pieceofthis local tradition,ina limited number, givinginterested parties toeasily achievean interesting collection ofpotteryAgost.

You can see moredetails inthis section ofour website:
Museum Online Shop

Own publications:

Catálogo de alfarería de Agost  (10 €) 
ThemorphologicalrichnessofAgostpottery traditionthroughfundsPottery Museum.The publicationcoversthe variousmorphological and functionalcategories(buckets,jugs,bottles,cantarellas,jugs, agriculture, livestock, construction, pots,bowls,mortarsand other uses).Over 100pieceswith their characteristics,actionsand uses.

Author: AA.VV.

Agost/Alicante, ein Töpferzentrum in Europa (SPECIAL OFFER 12 €)
Studysocial, economic and culturalAgoston thepotteryofthe last 200years.Publishedin German.

Author: Schütz, I.

El álbum de la alfarería de Agost (15 €)
ClipartAgostofpotteryfrom the latenineteenthcenturyto the present.Theydocumentedthe whole process ofdevelopmentof the local industry, as well asfacsimilesof historical documentsrelevant toAgostpottery.

Authors: Schütz, I. y Rodríguez-Manzaneque, M. J.

El bordado de Agost. Alfarería turística del s. XIX (9 €)
Monograph onthis decorative techniqueused inpotteryAgost.Tratabroadlythe issue,since the origin ofthis techniquetothe sales market.Alsoincludesparts catalogfacsimilereproductionandoralinterviews.

Author: Schütz, I.
Cántaros Valencianos (1,5 €)
Valenciapitcherscatalogfromplaces likeAgost,SegorbeAlcora,Traiguera,Onil,Canals,Orba,Biar,Elda,SaxorArchbishopVillaramong others.

Author: Schütz, I.
Comer a la agostera. Recetario de Agost. (out of order)
AgostCookbook.It explainsfromcomplexfoodslike riceor casserolestomeatspreservedcraft.It containsover 100recipes, plusan article onfoodand frolic.

Author: Schütz, I.

Visión global y acción local ( SPECIAL OFFER 4 €)
Proceedings of theIVInternational Symposium onResearchandceramicpottery, held from27 September to2 October 1993.

Author: AA.VV.
Tocad las zambombas, zambombas tocad (4,5 €)
Analysis and classificationofdifferentceramicsound objects.Includesa catalog ofinstrumentscerámica.Haya German edition.

Author: Schütz, I.


Ceramics and pottery classes:

     taught by

Camille Avella and José Angel Boix, French ceramicist and potter Agost.

     addressed to

people who like working with your hands and mud.


learn basic modeling techniques in ceramics.

first contact with the lathe

basic knowledge about types of clay and firing temperatures.


(The course is divided into two parts to choose)

distinguish different types of clay, tools, their use, and cooking temperatures. Modeling techniques (pinch, churro, plates, empty ...). Pieces can be made each technique. Textures. Started around: placing the pellet on the lathe, hand position to lift and shape the piece.

Dates: Saturday or Sunday twice a month.
Hours: 10:30 to 13:30.
Registration: 35.00 per month.
pLACE: The Factory - C / Teuleria 18, Agost.

Tlf: 675 838 101 - 651 642 528
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Association for Museum Agost creates the November 6, 2003. There are eight founding partners. Looking back to October 2006, our first goal was to get the protection and rehabilitation of facilities Pottery Museum, Torregrossa old factory. Today the rehabilitation is underway, but the association has more goals.
Since 2006 we are using the slogan "Know and make it known!" Whenever we refer to the Pottery Museum. With it we aim to engage in the task of knowing and loving the Pottery Museum.

Participating in activities that are done at the Museum, we feel it our, we realize the importance and reasons to give our law because dignity is valued Agost promote people through their handicraft and cultural tradition.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/apromuseudagost

Blog: http://pro-museudagost.blogspot.com.es/

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/APMAgost


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