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"In 1914 he created the Altarería José Felipe Martínez, by operating the street Camino Cañada. "


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In 1914 he created the Pottery José Felipe Martínez, by operating the street Camino Cañada. Later in 1940 he joined his son Roque Martinez Torregrosa that continues the family tradition by changing the name of the pottery to his death, calling passing Pottery Roque Martinez Torregrosa.
Soon incorporated his two sons and Jose Roque Pascual Martinez Izquierdo. Who, in 1992, following the retirement of his father, founded the Sons of Roque Martinez Pottery Thompson CB. Following are separated, becoming Ceramics Roque Martinez in 1999.
Currently Roque Martinez continues to work as the only artisan in the workshop.

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Gas oven, electric oven and cooking over an open fire.

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According to the group.

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Yes See more details at: http://www.ceramicaroque.com/esp/cursos.php

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