Pottery "La Navà"


Pol. Ind. "Els Castellans", CV-820 Km 7,5 - 03698 - Agost ( Alicante )

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"Today, Pottery La Nava is the only operation that preserves its Moorish ovens, all alone in Valencia"


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Our workshop is rooted in ancient pottery founded by Joseph Ramon Segura Mollà mid nineteenth century, however in the family pottery Mollà been working since at least the eighteenth century. Over ten generations dedicating the mud.
We manufacture our own white clay with salt, Agost traditional, but we also work with other pastas. Today, Pottery La Nava is the only operation that preserves its Moorish ovens, all alone in Valencia.
It is our commitment to this centuries-old culture, and the extraordinary quality that gives the pieces to cool the water, which moves us to keep the fire burning with wood in the XXI century.
Keep alive the teachings of our ancestors in this globalized world.



Raw material:

White clay and other clays Agost commercial

Cooking System:

We combine our wood-burning ovens morunos with the use of gas and electric ovens.

Own prepared products:

Agost as traditional pottery jugs, pitchers, luxury pieces, pots ... Also painted as mortars, jars and jugs.
New designs of their own creation.
Vitrifiable decals on porcelain, tile, pottery and earthenware.

Accept orders:

Yes, of all kinds: archaeological reproductions, custom parts, prototype design, details, souvenir, custom parts ...

Guided tours for groups:

Yes, by appointment.

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