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"Talking about the history of Pottery Severino Boix Arques, supposed to talk about one of the most traditional families of the village potter Agost."


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Talking about the history of Pottery Severino Boix, supposed to talk about one of the most traditional families of the village potter Agost.
In the 1920s the brothers Emilio BoixVicedo Vincent and the workshop are operated in Pottery Street.
Later in 1932 his brothers Evaristo Severino and associated and founded the Pottery "La Esperanza" under "the Pourer" current game "La Escandella".
Some years later, in 1957, Severino and Evaristo dissolve their partnership and each takes a different tack.
Following the tree down, Severino BoixVicedo passes the baton of tradition to their three children: Mary, Severino and Andrew Boix Arques. Subsequently, each of them separately, and their related plot dedicated to this worthy profession.
For various family events, currently still running only pottery Boix Arques Severino, now retired, taking over his youngest son Jose Angel Martinez Boix.


Raw Material:

Most of our pieces are made of white clay porous our town and in smaller amounts, red clay brought from Manises.

Cooking System:

Until 2009 we used the traditional Moorish oven cooking over direct heat wood, which has a capacity of approximately 3,000 pieces (30 m3) lasting firing continuously over 100 hours and it reaches a temperature of about 1000 degrees.
Since 2009, the cooking is performed in a gas furnace with a capacity of propane 600 parts (2 m3) with a continuous length of cooking of about 50 hours and reaches a temperature of about 1000 degrees.

Own Prepared Products:

Within the manufacturing process from the preparation can include clay in settling ponds, mud handling potter's hands on the wheel, up the drying of the pieces, cooking and storage.
The machinery used is the strainer, delicuar charge clay, kneading, mixing salt with mud, pellera to deliver the right amount of material, and two engine lathes to shape it.
They made pottery Agost traditional white, such as pitchers, carters, Refrigerator, jugs, flat, pots, tins, giblets, whistles, and stack drinkers window troughs, dishes and mortars., And parts made by special request.

Accept orders:

We accept all kinds of orders.

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The tours are by appointment.

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